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March Winner

March Blogger of the Month

Sujata Gurung

A bright and passionate international nursing student from Nepal with one more year of studies left at LaGuardia Community College who hopes to transfer to Columbia University.

Ever since high school, Sujata’s primary concern and passion has been helping others. In her native country, she used to volunteer in orphanages where she was helping in many different ways, including tutoring younger children. After coming to the United States, Sujata—like most of us—was overwhelmed by work and studying, and she found it difficult to find time to volunteer. She stumbled upon our blog and read the story of “How I Got Hooked on HelpingOthers” which inspired her to seek opportunities. She remembered the exhilarating feeling of helping others and is now determined to get involved in some extracurricular activities. This time, however, she has bigger dreams. She wants to make an impact and make changes in our society’s major issues.

We wish Sujata the best of…

Mark your calendars!

Wednesday, April 21
2:30 pm
All students are welcome and encouraged to attend - you don't have to be a Phi Theta Kappa member to attend our meeting!!!!!
Come and meet your chapter officers, fellow members and learn what the Honor Society is all about and how you can be part of it.
The upcoming Induction Ceremony will be discussed.

!!!Congratulations to our March Contest Winner!!!


Become a Phi Theta Kappa Officer!

ALPHA THETA PHI Officer Elections 2010
Dear Phi Theta Kappa members,

We will be holding elections for the 2010-2011 Chapter Officer Team on WEDNESDAY, MAY 5, 2010at 2:30pm sharp in E-150. The new officer team will begin their term of service after the May 12 Induction and Officer Installation Ceremony.

Serving as a Chapter Officer is a significant commitment. You will learn leadership skills, time-management skills, as well as how to work productively as a team. In addition to these benefits, Officers also have access to resources in Honors House (MB46) to conduct Chapter work.

As many of you know, our Chapter has a high profile at the College, and recently received major awards in recognition of its service to others. Our Chapter has consistently been praised for developing servant-leaders committed to making positive changes in the lives of others. So, Officers are expected to serve as student leaders and role models, setting a high standard for being able to take the initiative to …