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The Importance of Research

by Mary Naughton
Doing research on our H.I.A. topic has led to a lot of interesting information. I have found it particularly interesting with regards to the way the media reports the news. There can be so many conflicting viewpoints concerning the same piece of information. Some perspectives are reflective of the person or news stations’ beliefs, and this is where you can see differences in reporting occurring. The more I researched this topic, I began seeing it everywhere. I read a book that focuses on our unconscious minds and I found that it explains biases. In some way or another, biases occur with everyone in an in-group versus out-group thought process. It is more deeply ingrained than many of us realize, and it isn’t limited to how we view someone else’s culture, background, or beliefs. It is the way we view anyone that falls into the “other” category of the way we identify. For instance, as a New Yorker, we would consider other New Yorkers as part of our in-group. Compared to …

Self-development through Phi Theta Kappa

by Kedar Babu Shrestha, HIA Coordinator Officer
As an honor student at LaGuardia Community College and member of Phi Theta Kappa, every Honor in Action meeting that I attend is a great asset to me. First, taking the leadership roles as an Honors in Action coordinator and taking different leadership development workshop such as Leadership training is helping me to develop myself to lead, manage and motivate and also overcome my obstacle. For instance, during the leadership training I got to know my top five strengths as an arranger, responsible, restorer, inclusive and a contributor. Using these strengths to win over weakness, have a successful HIA meeting and build up myself to lead the session as a leader has made me overcome my obstacles. I have improved my ability to work in the team, communicate, management my time, taking on new roles, and improve my public speaking.
Second, in the Five-star competitive edge program I learned how to think deeply and how to do academic research. I …

Teamwork through HIA

by Nikolaos Panaousis
The Alpha Theta Phi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa has been an exceptional chapter in terms of campus engagement, relationship building, conference participation, and consistent attendance in regional and international events. As the Co-President of the chapter for the academic year 2017 – 2018, I am delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside a very motivated group of people who struggle to achieve more through their persistence efforts. Thus far, our chapter has been involved in several activities; however, in my view, the most stressful one is the Honors in Action (HIA) project.
The Honors in Action (HIA) project is designed to engage members in an informed, action-oriented research process, with its goal being the fulfillment of PTK’s mission. By participating in the HIA project, our chapter is being given the chance to conduct meaningful research, practice problem-solving skills, and gain a deeper understanding of how the world works through the eyes of o…

Teamwork Goes a Long Way

by Chethana Gallage Dona
Having to research about how the world works, this year, the theme we chose for the Honors in Action Project was ‘War and Peace’. This project provided us the opportunity to look deeply into global issues, and study them from different perspectives. Being a person who wasn’t exposed to certain global issues, this made me discover a whole other level of knowledge that existed beyond Science, the only stream I used to focus on prior to this project. By researching scholarly articles, reading books and summarizing them, I improved my written and analysis skills tremendously. Therefore, more than the content of the project itself, the most important aspect for me was the process; researching, deciding, compiling, organizing and presenting my work.
Having a large team consisting of nine officers along with members, I imagined that we would have to deal with a lot of problems while making decisions. However, since we provided everyone with the opportunity to share th…