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New! Transfer Exploration Blog

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of a brand new blog – Transfer Exploration. This blog is an extension of the aims of the College's Office of Transfer Services to provide students with useful information regarding the transfer process as well as inspire students with personal essays of alumni who have already made successful transfers to senior colleges. Furthermore, the university staff and faculty will be encouraged to provide their insight, guidance and words of encouragement to the blog participants. I hope this blog will prove to be an invaluable tool for achieving your academic goals. Click on the picture to visit the Transfer Exploration.

How I Got Hooked on Helping Others

By Klara Kang

Some people are born with the desire to help others and don’t have any difficulty engaging in extracurricular activities. Others may need a little push or an inspiration. In my case, it was the push that got me started and later an inspiration that kept me going.
About five years ago, when I was on a spiritual quest to find a church to join, I got more than I anticipated. Not only did I discover a place that was welcoming and kid-friendly, I was also included in their various community services right away. I was invited to join their education committee and within a few months of active participation I was elected the new chair of the committee. I was quite frightened at first to hold such an important position but I overcame that fear in no time. I have since managed to contribute to many wonderful causes. My responsibilities include leading all meetings, scheduling classes for kids and adults, inviting special speakers, working with the budget, organizing spe…

In the wake of the tragedy ...

When I wrote the "How I Got Involved" essay last week, I had no idea that tragedy would strike in Haiti. Since the day I learned about the earthquake I have been trying to figure out how to help. Fortunately, there are many organizations – even in our school that have already started collecting money and much needed supplies for the disaster area. Please, keep your eyes open and check back on the blog soon as I will be posting updates on what is happening in our school and how you can get involved. You have probably noticed a Haitian flag above. By clicking on it you will be taken to Edgar’s (our international chapter president) website and donate some money for the cause.
In the wake of the current events, read on and learn how easy it is to get involved in helping others and collect rewards along the way. Peace to everyone!

A Few Tips On Simplifying Your Transfer Process

By Klara Kang

Are you planning on transferring to a senior college but struggling to keep track of the various deadlines and admission requirements? You are not alone. Since each college has different rules and requirements, you may quickly become overwhelmed and confused about what to do first. Therefore it is a good idea to keep all the important information in one place. You could simply get a notebook where you keep all the information but I would like to offer you a more practical solution developed by another LaGuardia student, Brian Park. Brian came up with a brilliant idea to use a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to create a list of all the colleges he plans to apply to. He then fills in the relevant information for each college and that way he can clearly see the differences among them.
To get started, open a new Microsoft Excel workbook and rename the sheets accordingly. You may wish to record the general school information - such as the address, admissions phone number, e-…


Hello, my name is Klara Kang and I am greatly honored to have been selected as the new Chapter Blog Master. Over the next few months I will introduce new “interactive” topics and I look forward to reading your opinions. Once again, the clue is I-N-T-E-R-A-C-T-I-V-E!