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Marketing Yourself
Please join us!!
Wednesday, May 29. 2:30-4:00 P.M
Room E-145

This workshop explores how to transform your experience into career opportunities by employing techniques such as: understanding branding, how to shortcut your job search, creating a concise, targeted resume, learning the best way to get meetings and job offers, as well as how-to-negotiate salary.

Dorothy Doppstadt, executive coach and public speaker, combines her corporate skills as a national award-winning reporter at ABC News, and academic experience as a university writing and communications professor in New York City, with her Executive and Organizational Coaching certification from Columbia University.

PTK New Program - Peer Mentor Positions Available

Dear PTK members,

A new program is looking for Peer mentors. If you fit the criteria and
are interested, please contact Dr. Payal Doctor

CREAR Futuros, which means “To Create Futures” in Spanish is a pilot
retention program we will initiate at LaGuardia Community College in
Fall 2013 supported in part by the Lumina Foundation. CREAR (College
Readiness, Achievement and Retention) activities will center on Latino
Student Success intervention strategies.

CREAR Peer Mentors – High performing upper class men and women will be
trained to mentor entering Latino freshmen as part of the pilot CREAR
Futuros Scholars Program.  Prospective peer mentors will be required to
be:  a) working towards a degree at LaGuardia, b) enrolled full-time (at
least 12 credits) in the current semester and plan to enroll full-time
next semester, c) have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2, d) have earned
at least 24 college credits and e) have addressed any remedial needs by
fall of 2013, f) fill out an app…


By Desiree Rivera

Attending the 95th Annual International PTK Convention has by far been the most rewarding experience as a member of the Alpha Theta Phi chapter.  The International Convention is an experience that cannot truly be explained or understood until one experiences it for their self.   There are more opportunities available to students than they will ever be able to imagine prior to their arrival at the convention.  First and foremost, there is an opportunity to bond with other members and advisors within individual chapters. This bonding allowed for everyone to get to know one another on a more personal level.  We gained a deeper understanding of each other not only as Phi Theta Kappans, but also as individuals that contribute to our collective chapter dynamic.  Networking is another key element of the convention and the opportunities to connect with fellow PTK scholars and professionals are endless.  Aside from its exciting social aspects the convention is designed to empo…

Phi Theta Kappa - An Experience Like No Other!

By Ange Akproh

During the weekend of April 4-7, 2013, my chapter Alpha Theta Phi had the honor of participating to the international conference of Phi Theta Kappa, which was held in San Jose California.
I, in addition to five of members of our chapter had the opportunity to attend this conference to and have a personal feel of what it is to be a part of this amazing experience. Also, one of our remarkable members was selected to join us on this trip, which was supervised by our chapter advisor, Dr. Doctor.
My personal experience during this conference was more than what I expected. Unlike the Regional Conference, which I also had the opportunity to attend, the international conference hosted more than 300 chapters coming from every state the United States in addition to several chapters coming from outside countries such as Germany.  The conference was very well organized in a very striking way that created a learning environment which provided the attendees with an amazing experience …

Work Hard, In PTK We Celebrate Harder!

By Moreen Tonny
San Jose, California! One of the most exciting cities in the United States. We often associate California to the great city of Los Angeles, San Francisco, the famous Silicon Valley, nice beaches, lot of fun and unforgettable memories. Did I mention celebrities??? Of course, there are a lot of celebrities to meet and countless things to do and places to visit! Well I did not go to L.A. nor visited sunny beaches but I was in the gorgeous San Jose Convention Center for PTK 95th annual convention. If you wonder whether we know how to celebrate as Phi Theta Kappans, this was the confirmation. PTK 95th annual convention was a BLAST!!! Students from all over the US and other countries represented their states, regions and chapters in San Jose this year. From April 3rd through April 7th I witnessed the greatness of PTK as a leading honor society in higher education internationally. I took enormous pride in seeing how grandiosely the organization celebrated its members’ achievem…

Experience Of a Lifetime

By Hassaan Chaudhary

As a Community College student, I feel privileged and honored to attend 2013 PTK International Convention where I got the opportunity to represent my college along with my other five members. The event was held at San Jose, California from April 3-7, 2013. Phi Theta Kappa organizes such beautiful occasions to honor students’ hard work and dedication they have displayed throughout the year on their campuses. This particular conference was on a large-scale as compared to the other two PTK events (Leadership and Regional). Our odyssey to the convention was a hectic one as we had to travel several miles from New York City to San Jose via plane. But the journey went smoothly and serenely and we reached to our destination point without any hassle.
On the very first day of the event, I met with a lot of people and talked to them about PTK and other things. I also attended numerous educational sessions where I got this golden and rare opportunity to learn about different t…

Unique Experiences At Phi Theta Kappa Int’l Convention

By Ahmad Maruf

Phi Theta Kappa’s 2013 Annual Convention in San Jose, California, April 4-6, has been indeed one of the best weekends in my college life. As one of the six-member-team, I was privileged to represent Alpha Theta Phi, Phi Theta Kappa’s chapter at LaGuardia Community College at the convention. Students from all over the US and from the other places where PTK is present were at the conference. They shared accomplishments and learning from one another. Late night conversations with people became a popular trend. Almost 4000 members, officers, and advisors from about 1,300 PTK chapters participated in the event. It delighted me to see hundreds of happy and smiling faces all around me, dancing and cheering for their respective state throughout the General Sessions. Besides the General Sessions, educational forums on contemporary topics were also conducted to enhance students’ knowledge on different topics. The workshops mostly offered advice on how to get the most out of our m…

Scholarships for CUNY Students Residing in Public Housing

Hi all,
The CUNY-NYCHA Resident Scholarship Program is now accepting applications from CUNY students who reside in the New York City Housing Authority in order to support the efforts of public housing residents attending CUNY schools.   

Students must be at least second year (sophomore) level, have a 3.0 g.p.a., be enrolled in a CUNY degree program and be willing to submit a 500 word autobiographical essay. 

The scholarship amount is $1000. 

 A flyer is attached.

Applications will be accepted until June 14th

Thank you.

Redefining Leadership Through the Arts: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Great leaders have a creative edge that brings their ideas to life.
Learn how the arts can take your leadership skills to the next level.

Please join us at our 2013 Student Leadership Conference for exciting workshops, motivational speakers, networking opportunities, and raffle prizes (iPods & gift certificates). This year, during the luncheon hour,
we will celebrate the inaugural Induction Ceremony of Sigma Alpha Pi.

Our keynote speaker is Lemon Andersen, an award winning poet, spoken word artist and actor.  

Your presence will add to this exciting event!

Saturday, May 11th, 2013
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
LaGuardia Community College, E-Building Lobby

Register today at


The Office of Student Life

Come decide your future in PTK!

Dear Phi Theta Kappans,

If your'e interested in running for a position, here are your next steps:

- Read the bylaws (available at the PTK office - Room M-222) 
- Talk to Dr. Doctor, the chapter advisor
-  Prepare a 3-minute speech (in that order) to present at our next general meeting (Wednesday, May 8th; 2:30pm; Room E-145)

If you are not, it is still important that you come to the meeting to vote on the people who will lead our chapter from this point on. 

Do not forget to invite to the meeting all other Phi Theta Kappa members that you know!

See you all there!

Extension on the Phi Theta Kappa Spring Scholarships

Dear PTK member, The deadline for our Spring Common Application has been extended to allow as many students as possible to complete their applications.The new deadline to complete the spring common application is Wednesday, May 15, 2013. There are several scholarships available on the spring common application, so please encourage any interested students to apply.The following awards are available: -Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise - $180,000 total, up to 180 scholars awarded $1,000 each - GEICO Business Student Scholarship - $2,000 total, up to 2 business students awarded $1,000 each-Frank Lanza Memorial Scholarship - $50,000 total, up to 20 nursing, respiratory care or emergency medical services students will be awarded $2,500 each-Dr. Mary Hood Texas Region Scholarship and the Dowell Leadership Scholarship (regional scholarships awarded to students in TX or MS who meet eligibility requirements) - 1 student in each region awarded $1,500 each. - Richard L. Resurreccion Public Safety Sch…

Research Review Competition Application


The 33rd Library Research Review Competition