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The Benefits of the PTK Honor Society

by Alex Berg

The benefit of PTK that I'm most looking forward to is the fellowship, and being part of a group of people who have gotten to a point where they take school seriously. It has taken some work personally before I could get to a point where I take school seriously, and I think that having to work just to get to that point has given it a deep value for me. I haven't noticed it in my peers either until I went to a PTK meeting.

I'm 32 now and growing up not much emphasis was placed on education. My dad didn't finish college and my mom didn't finish high school, hence I didn't gravitate towards people who placed a high personal value on education. But going to a PTK meeting exposed me to people who do, and the HIA group I attended was quite personable and inclusive of me even though it was my first meeting and I didn't know anyone. The HIA group was organizing a panel with professionals to discuss religion and media and rather than being daunted by a…

Beginning of a Great Educational Opportunity

by Mohamad A. Hageko
As a transfer student at LaGuardia, I see that the college exudes a sense of what New York City really is — a melting pot. This is what I enjoy most about continuing my education at LaGuardia Community College; the school personifies the notion of this great melting pot. I was motivated to continue my studies around the sciences since I have taken several courses that revolve around psychology and the sciences during my undergrad studies. After I transferred and took a few courses, I was invited to join the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and I had to ask asking myself if I have the time? Do I have what it takes? But like most things in life, I believed it was best to take the chance. Phi Theta Kappa is an international organization that exemplifies prestige and accomplishment. If I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa, I will have opportunities to excel in many ways such as professional development and educational development. If I take advantage of these opportunities, I…

A Phi Theta Kappa Benefit

by Kayode Oseni

One of the presumptive thrills of a Phi Theta Kappa (“PTK”) membership is the ability to meet other students that possess the same degree of seriousness about their academic matters and career possibilities. As the result of self-determination, I intend on meeting the friendly challenges of my PTK family; for instance, maintaining my grade point average and performing noteworthy actions beyond the parameters of what are expected. As foreseen, I look forward to the multiple gatherings of our several chapters to discuss PTK matters, which in turn imbues a universal sense of fraternity in all of us. I’m sure that at meetings, I will develop a deep understanding as to why my brothers and sisters strive academically, and how their stories can inspire a student like me to continue upon my path with consistency.

Our interaction within PTK is a sure preparation to reach expected goals. The act of conversing with fellow members can result in networking, where one brother, or s…