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Join LaGuardia’s Phi Theta Kappa, Green Shores NYC, The Friends of Queensbridge Park Committee and Partnerships for Parks in celebrating
“It’s My Park Day” on Saturday, November 7th in Queensbridge Park!

Roll up your sleeves and volunteer with your friends and neighbors to beautify the park!
Activities include general park cleanup, painting and planting projects.

Saturday, November 7, 2009
Queensbridge (enter at Vernon Blvd. & 41st Avenue)
10 AM to 2 PM
*Rain or Shine*

Snacks and supplies are provided for all volunteers.

For more information please contact:
Jenny Badillo-

Save the Arts..Really?

vsFictional Scenario
Budget time at Abraham Jefferson high school (fictional) has arrived. Though money has always been scarce, this is the first year where the administrators are almost in tears. The economy is horrible and the reality is that some programs need to be cut to stay afloat. After hours of assessing and examining programs, two sectors within the school seem to be prime candidates to receive the boot; the arts department and the football team. The Arts department is comprised of music, theatre, poetry, dance and art. The football team…well… is the football team. Both sectors provide students a chance to enjoy themselves, make good friends, and learn about their passions. Unfortunately, one program must go. So imagine that you have the final say on what program lives and what program gets dropped. Which program would you pick to have dropped and why? Which program is more “valuable”?

Generation X

Jaida Triblet
Young man, can’t you understand?
That there is much more to life than the shallow,
You scratch the surface of your potential,
Everything worth having is far below sea level.
Young man, can’t you understand?
That “getting money” isn’t the key to being successful?
That being the flyest doesn’t mean you will reach the highest of heights,
No matter how much weed you smoke, you will never get as high as you could be.
Young man, can’t you understand?
That is more to a woman than the diamond between her thighs?
That she has feelings and a mind, and would much rather be your wife, without the ‘y’,
Before she bears your child?
Young man, can’t you understand?
That the “bitches” and “ho’s” you run through are someone’s daughter?
Someone’s sister, someone’s something, so why does she deserve to be your nothing?
Young man, can’t you understand?
That your children are a reflection of you?
You are the role model for them that you never had.
Anyone father a child, it takes a real man to be a dad.
Young m…

Personal Essay for Transfer

Sasheen Pottinger – Francis
In high school by the age of ten, I was strategizing with my team for our upcoming soccer games. The ideal opponents in a soccer game are bad goal keepers who miss each ball kicked in their direction and defenders that lack speed. If this were the case, winning a match would be simple and strategy irrelevant. However, in reality, the player has to struggle to score a goal and the defender is faster than the rate of diffusion in gases. Over the years, I have come to understand myself and what is necessary to succeed through my love of soccer. To be persistent, resilient, and a team player, these are the things I have learned from soccer.

When my grandmother suffered a stroke, I applied the same mentality and spirit. At 14years-old, while my mother entered the hospital for high blood pressure, I became responsible for my three siblings, two cousins and my recovering grandmother. I disciplined myself to balance my responsibilities while pursuing my education. …

Education of a photographer

Luis Lei
I would like to reflect a little upon “Education of a photographer”. This book, as far as I have advanced in it, offered me quite a straight-forward and undistorted view of how photography evolved in the 20th century. Is photography art? I always considered it to be one, yet I could not translate this certainty into words. What is the difference that separates artistic photography from its ugly cousins? What are the parameters used to measure the realm to which an image belongs? Is it the visual aesthetic, the medium, the lighting effect? All those components matter, but it is more than all those things. It is the commitment to a set of values, a philosophy, a belief, or even some sort spiritualism. Having a Katana in ancient Japan would not make one a Samurai. In a similar fashion, having a camera does not instantly transform a person into a photographer. Lee Friedlander believed that the instantaneous act of photographing required similar mental qualities than that of a spor…