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“My first steps into PTK” by Fatou Kiné Thiam

“My first steps into PTK” by Fatou Kiné Thiam As a new student at LaGuardia, I was looking for something special that will help me volunteer and be involved on campus. Ialso wanted to finda program that helps students grow, acquire knowledge and have lots of sharing and fun. So one day, while browsing on one of the computers at the College Discovery program office, I saw a student wearing a t-shirt with the words “Phi Theta Kappa” and on the back, “Honor Society.” I said, “excuse me what is this on your t-shirt about?” As always I love asking questions and starting conversations and he replied: “Oh, it’s the honor society at Laguardia”. Then I continued, “do you know how can I be a member of it”. He told me what building number to go to and also suggested that I talk to my counselor at the College Discovery about the program and ways of getting in. Right after the end of the discussion, I sent an email to my counselor asking her to put me in contact with the Phi Theta Kappa program.

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