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Fake it until you Make it

By Caroline Wong

We are not always proud of ourselves. In this world full of ambitions, imperfections, and disappointments, we enter a large hole, moving downward, full of self-reflection questions starting with “what if?”. Indeed, “what if I was more confident?”, what if life wasn’t that hard, afterward?”, “what if people weren’t seeing me the way I usually see myself as?”. Invading questions that no one could pursue answers but our own selves. It is not easy to answer them, and to be honest, it might even be impossible to do it sometimes. The planet we live in is not perfect. Nothing on it is. That is why creating our own responses is permissible. Researchers throughout generations kept on trying to find ways of making human creatures perceive their world differently, no matter who they are. Conclusions shape the Society whether they choose to follow the logic or not.

It is all about the way we think; psychology. Amy Cuddy, an American Social Psychologist shared one of her conclusi…



By Shristee Poudel

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating the progress, giving birth to evolution. ” - Albert Einstein

I first heard and knew about PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) at the orientation of spring 2017. I was a transferred student and was willing to make most of my college experience. I learned about PTK and about its importance through the PTK officers. PTK is a platform where not only academic achievement is acknowledged but also polished. As the quote of sir Einstein states, it is always important to break the box of limitation in order to stand out in the crowd. I believe PTK encourages student to excel in academics and boost their confidence to create a future leader in a student. It is the place where members are family, you can open up your nervousness and they will teach to gain confidence on yourself. It is place where you will recognize your skills and learn to advance it.

Once my dad…