Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"The Paradox of Wealth in Latin America: Perspectives on Venezuela."

By Edgar Romero

Alpha Theta Phi is hosting an event about politics and civil liberties with an emphasis on factors influencing the growth of socialism in Venezuela. For instance, what are the most significant factors affecting the growth of socialism? And to what extent does the distribution of wealth have to be relatively equal to sustain socialism in Latin American nations?

In order to answer these many questions, Alpha Theta Phi has decided to proceed with a project to examine the impact of wealth distribution, crime, and civil liberties in Venezuela both before and after Hugo Chavez took office. To what extent is the case study of Venezuela a model for other political and economic restructuring ?

In essence, this event will be part of a series of activities aimed at fostering a campus discussion about the Honors Study Topic, "The Paradox of Affluence: Choice, Challenges, and Consequences."

The forum is entitled, "The Paradox of Wealth in Latin America: Perspectives on Venezuela." We will host the event at LaGuardia Community College. The keynote speaker is Carol Delgado, the Consul General of the Venezuelan Consulate in New York. Ms. Delgado will provide information about Venezuelan foreign relations.

Joining Consul General Delgado is Dr. Ana Maria Hernandez, professor of Education and Language Acquisition. Dr. Hernandez has studied Venezuelan arts and cultural projects. Mr. Jose Orengo, Esq., who is the Executive Director for Government Relations of LaGuardia Community College, will moderate the conversation between Consul General Delgado and Dr. Hernandez.

Our team came up with a series of questions based on current events in South America. We thought that the event might be better focused if we start by talking about the creation of Las Misiones (The Missions) and different cultural programs. Utimately, the goal of the forum is to discuss the political situation in the region in order to better understand the appeal of leftist ideas throughout Bolivia, Ecuador and, in a certain way, Chile. In addition, we would like to close by addressing transnational perspectives. Therefore, we hope to address the significance talks between Venezuela, and China and Russia as well as Venezuela’s relations with the U.S.

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  1. ai thought it was an interesting and informative discussion. i learned new facts about Venezuela's politics and economy. i agree with some of the steps that president chavez has taken to improve Venezuela and i like the socialist steps that some south american countries have taken. hopefully they'll keep doing the right thing to improve the lives of the population


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