Monday, June 1, 2009

Be the Difference

Before I delve into my blog, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Emmanuel Deegbe and I’ll be the new Publications officer. Even though I’m not quite as eloquent or as sophisticated as my predecessor, I’m just as passionate about writing. Writing helps me to empty my mind and free my heart. Words are not just words, but an instrument a writer utilizes to claw his/her way from their secluded existence and connect to the world. A page is not just page, but a vessel of a writer’s most intimate thoughts and feelings. The process is engaging, stimulating, frustrating, wearisome and intense but I’ll dare to ask, is there any art form better than writing? Forgive me for the blatant bias. Anyway, the blog is an opportunity for us to debate topics, sharpen our intellect, expand our perspectives and most importantly, to learn from each other. I hope this will be an exciting year.

I was going to start my tenure discussing torture, but after the induction ceremony I felt inspired to write about community service. For those who didn’t attend the ceremony, it was a simple, warm event for family and friends. There were a few technical difficulties, some waves of laughter, and numerous ecstatic family members cheering their loved ones. However, the peak of the night, at least for me, was when our incoming president stepped up to the podium. Truthfully, I was expecting to a very rigid, bureaucratic speech and initially it started off that way. However, midway through the speech, Jenny started to tear up and succumb to her emotions. Whiles this may have been an unnerving moment for her; it was a very tender moment for the audience because we could feel her passion. I was hit not only by the beauty of the ceremony, but the beauty of PTK. PTK is not an organization made just for brilliant students to revel in their intellect. Rather, it is an attempt to pluck out young, ambitious individuals from the crowd and carve them into the leaders of tomorrow. It is an opportunity to give back to our community and to our nation. Jenny’s tears reminded me that I am part of a worthy organization that truly wants to make a difference in the world.
I will now turn my attention to PTK members, followers of the blog and whoever else is reading this. I’m not going to sell you reasons why you should get involved with PTK. Yes, PTK is a prestigious organization that numerous 4-year colleges know about; and, yes, being linked with PTK will bolster your resume but I refuse to use such manipulative tactics to get volunteers to come for our events. If you want to get involved and give back, the doors are open. I know many of us don’t have so much spare time, but any time you do, just check out our website to see what’s going on. I only hope that as the new PTK officials start to form ideas, plan events and set the calendar, that you will join us, give us a hand and help us be the difference.

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