Monday, June 1, 2009

Throwing Caution to the Wind

I wanted to add a little diversity to blog, so I decided to add some poetry. The beautiful facet of poetry that I've now started to appreciate is the message that it conveys to its audience. Poetry teaches us lessons about life, humanity and our heart. Even though we're students, intellectuals and professionals, we're also human beings with questions and struggles in life. Therefore, I present to you poetry from the lovely Jaida Triblet. Dig in!

Rolling plains, greener pastures,

Blackberry fields yield the smell of temptation,

You lick your fingers clean of their juices.

“Green grass always seems greener when you’re not upon it,”

Your mother said once long ago.

Falling off a cliff is not hard to do,

Its how you land on a cloud that is the challenge.

A whir of nostalgia wipes you down as your voice goes hoarse from screaming in pain,

The needle that sits in your side is not your punishment,

But the reminder that mothers actually do know best

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