Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Save the Arts..Really?


Fictional Scenario
Budget time at Abraham Jefferson high school (fictional) has arrived. Though money has always been scarce, this is the first year where the administrators are almost in tears. The economy is horrible and the reality is that some programs need to be cut to stay afloat. After hours of assessing and examining programs, two sectors within the school seem to be prime candidates to receive the boot; the arts department and the football team. The Arts department is comprised of music, theatre, poetry, dance and art. The football team…well… is the football team. Both sectors provide students a chance to enjoy themselves, make good friends, and learn about their passions. Unfortunately, one program must go. So imagine that you have the final say on what program lives and what program gets dropped. Which program would you pick to have dropped and why? Which program is more “valuable”?

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