Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Few Tips On Simplifying Your Transfer Process

By Klara Kang

Are you planning on transferring to a senior college but struggling to keep track of the various deadlines and admission requirements? You are not alone. Since each college has different rules and requirements, you may quickly become overwhelmed and confused about what to do first. Therefore it is a good idea to keep all the important information in one place. You could simply get a notebook where you keep all the information but I would like to offer you a more practical solution developed by another LaGuardia student, Brian Park. Brian came up with a brilliant idea to use a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to create a list of all the colleges he plans to apply to. He then fills in the relevant information for each college and that way he can clearly see the differences among them.
To get started, open a new Microsoft Excel workbook and rename the sheets accordingly. You may wish to record the general school information - such as the address, admissions phone number, e-mail, website and application deadline - on the first sheet, financial information on the second one, and admission requirements on the third one. Then, in each sheet use the first row to name each column, starting with the “Name of the school”. To record all financial information you may want to use labels like “Tuition”, “Fees”, “Room and Board”, “Books”, and then “Total Costs” to get an idea of how much money you will need. To see if the school offers “scholarships” and “financial aid”, make two separate columns for that as well. In the “Admission requirements” sheet you can record whether the schools require SAT, letters of recommendation, high school transcript, minimum GPA and any other requirements.
Creating a spreadsheet will help you keep all the transfer information in one place. It will also be very easy to update or even delete schools you are no longer interested in. Even if you are not going to transfer next semester, it would be a good idea to get started by at least having a list of schools in Excel; you can always add the necessary information later. I hope you will use this tool as it proves both useful and timesaving. If you have your own way of keeping track of transfer colleges and would like to share some tips with others, please do so. Good luck everyone!

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