Monday, February 15, 2010

Calling all parents-students!!!

Are you a student juggling studying, working and PARENTING? Is your child enrolled in LaGuardia's Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC)? If so, I have created a "Parent Corner" for students just like you. Here you can share your opinions or raise issues you may have with the ECLC program. As your newly elected Parent-Student Executive Board Member, I am here to make sure that your voices are heard.
Furthermore, if you have a word of advice that other student-parents could find useful, I invite you to post it here. I look forward to your comments!

Klara Kang

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  1. I think that having a day care where parent can leave their children in a safe enviorment while they are in school is a major benifit. When my daughter was young they did not have this kind of service and it is a shame they did not have this sooner. It would have made it easier for my generation to receive an education. I am glad that more people are able to recieve an education while doing the most important job in the world, "Being a Parent".


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