April Blogger Of The Month

Congratulations to our April winner, Hira Gulzar who left the most comments on our blog during the month of April. Read below what Hira has to say about herself:

I moved to States almost a year ago along with my family. Growing in one of the most developed cities of Pakistan, I have always been opened to facing the challenges of life without losing my focus over my ambitions. I have always been a dedicated student since childhood days. Usually it sounds awkward to people but I genuinely enjoy and love studying.I find it the best way to keep myself from the misery of boredom. Getting into LAGCC was probably one of the most difficult decisions. People generally underestimate the community colleges but I feel free to say today how the achievements of the community college students are strongly changing this perception. I am a MATH and SCIENCE major student and this is my second semester here. I am looking forward to transfering to one of the 4-year CUNY colleges next year in fall. My long term major is PHARMACY. I fully aspire to be a pharmacist in the next 5-6 years.

My interests are rather simple. I enjoy family outings, reading world history and watching stand-up comedies. I absolutely adore playing Cricket on weekends. Like most of the South Asians, I also love watching and playing cricket. Moreover, I am also a member of United Nations and like to take part in its fund raising events for different social causes. I don't believe in having a superficial smattering of extracurriculars without any depth or leadership experiences. Last but not the least, I profoundly enjoy the privilege of being an Honor Society member here at LAGCC. I really consider it as something to be proud of for me and my parents.


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