Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet the Alpha Theta Phi officers

Lillian Zepeda
Vice President for Recruitment and Retention

Major: Communications
Dream College: NYU Steinhardt
Current City: Richmond Hill N., NY
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          A communication and culture enthusiast, LaGCC has allowed me to explore my passion. It is here that I’ve learned the value of identity. Not one person I’ve met at LaGuardia has validated a single stereotype. Moreover, the past year has been quite oxymoronic. In my pursuit of knowledge and truth, I made it my duty to open my mind, my eyes, and my heart to the unknown. What I found was that in doing so, I had in fact sealed myself away. I became impervious to social fallacies. It was a simultaneous opening and closing of sorts. Crossing paths with so many singular individuals made me appreciate the things that make us different and it lead me to find my Self.
          I was born in the U.S. to immigrant parents, so I will never hide my El Salvadorian blood. An American birth certificate is not enough to hinder my liking of Pupusas and Vicente Fernandez. However, my ethnicity will never inhibit me neither. Among the things I enjoy the most are travel, reading, international cuisine, film and Philosophy. They prove, as hard as it is to imagine, that there’s life beyond NYC. My favorite city is Barcelona; I hope to move there someday. I do not have a preferred author, not yet at least, but I never tire of The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho (I read everything though, even the instructions on shampoo bottles). As far as food goes, I’ve tried it all from lizard to snails to turtle eggs. If it’s edible, I’ll eat it or at least try it. Finally, I won’t dive too deep into film and Philosophy because it'd be ongoing. I will say this though, Indies are the best thing that ever happened to cinema; alongside Gael Garcia Bernal and Robert Downey Jr., and logic is a virtue.
          It’s a pleasure to be a vice president of Alpha Theta Phi. There’s a long journey ahead, but I look forward to coming out the other side triumphantly. In addition, I am never too busy for a little parler, whether it’s related to PTK or not. It’d be great to hear from you all!

Q. One thing you would never want to be?
A. Bitter, definitely. Bitterness is the combined result of experience; which is unavoidable, and negativity; which we naturally gravitate towards. There’s no way to tell whether I’ll have more sour moments than not, but that’s irrelevant because what I make of my lemons is what matters. It would be unfortunate if at the end all I carry with me are the scars of my sorrows and failures. I would rather be depressed because at least that’s treatable.

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