Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet the Alpha Theta Phi officers

Syed Hossain

Major: Electrical Engineering
Dream College: Cornell University
Current City: Bronx, NY
          Nerd society to Honor society, these words might be used to describe my whole life. Well, I wasn’t always a nerd, but my whole life I’ve lived in big cities. This made my life very mechanical and monotonous. In Dhaka, my life was only about going to school, going back home and studying. There were not enough places or time to play. So my life became very dull.
          Soon enough, I also started realizing that maintaining high grades was not sufficient to be successful academically. It’s also about using your intellect to promote change. So, I have decided to get involved. I enjoy tutoring and mentoring my college mates because by doing this I am able to help them and I’ve learned a lot from them as well. On my spare time, I love listening to music, playing guitar, biking and coin-collecting.
          LaGuardia has enabled me to dream big and, it’s given me the strength to commit to these dreams. It’s an honor be able to serve as a chapter officer. It would feel great if my short bio inspires some of my college mates to get involved and dream Big like me! Being a nerd pays off.

Q. Describe Paradise.
A. Lying on the grass on a dark night and watching twinkling stars. It helps me to wipe out all my terrestrial memories, gives me peace and I feel that I am connected to GOD.


  1. Great Job. This is absolutely an inspiring tale of a nerd becoming an academic superhero!

  2. I think I may know who just left that last You may be a masked superhero, but I recognize that voice!


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