Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meet the Alpha Theta Phi Officers

Ramatoulaye Diallo

Major: Business Administration
Dream College: Columbia University
Current City: Brooklyn, NY
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         My name is Ramatoulaye Diallo, also known as Rama. In my free time, I like to practice math, Mavis Bacon’s typing lessons, and like most young adults, I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I also watch a lot of sports; I am really in love with soccer which I used to play.

          I have had difficult moments in my life and experienced lots of setbacks. For example coming to this country as an immigrant and knowing no English. It was hard for me to adapt to the new environment because it was very different to where I came from. I struggled a lot in learning the new language and getting used the people. However, I came to manage all those difficulties. Yet, those difficult experiences inspired me and pushed me to work even harder. From them, I have come to learn that one can’t make anything out of nothing; in other words, one has to struggle first before succeeding and getting total satisfaction. I have learned to work hard and to surmount the barriers that step in my way. I’ve proven to myself that there is nothing in this world that one cannot achieve when you put all your efforts into it and the result of hard work is always satisfying. Having this idea in mind has also encouraged me to take risk; I like to challenge myself by trying things I have never done before.
          My aim at the moment is to prepare myself for the future by becoming more educated, responsible and professional. With these, I hope to be able to help people in need and be successful in life. I would like to help people by volunteering in the UN’s humanitarian affairs, the World Food Program or anything related to the human development and the fight of world hunger.
Q: What made you smile at 5 years old that still makes you smile now?
A: My family. Seeing the people I love the most makes me smile every day. These people support me when I am going through hard times and they motivate me towards achieving anything I go for. Getting up every day and having someone telling me that there is nothing I can’t do and nothing impossible if I am passionate about it made me smile when I was 5 years old and still makes me smile today.

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