Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meet Alpha Theta Phi Officers

 Djene Keita
 Publication Officer

 Mayor: Liberal Arts: Math & Science
 Dream Schools: Columbia
 Current City: New York, NY

A dreamer, a learner, and a valiant fighter, fighting against the wind of ignorance, striking for knowledge, success and accomplishment are the adjectives that fit in my character I have built up at LaGuardia Community College. One important thing I have learnt about life is that it is made of choices and one has to be wise enough to make the right choice at the right time. One little mistake can cost you hard; it can destroy years of work and leave you with little hope and remorse. The time you look back and regretfully say if I knew, the harm is already done and the damage cannot be repaired, the mistake would still be etched in walls of your memories until they are redeemed. Through my years of struggles in quest of knowledge and opportunities to excel my own expectation, during my long trip in the pursuit of understanding this world and accomplishing my dreams, I have come across to learnt this lesson and understand the importance of the precious seconds of the blink of an eye as Malcolm Gladwell stated in the book “Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking”.

It has been a long journey; a journey full of struggles and yet, a memorable one that have changed my life and my vision of the world. The difficult moments I have experienced in my academics and personal life have taught me that failure is part of life and it has it positives. In fact, by looking back at things I have failed to achieve and wanting to make up for them, I have learnt to optimistically  pick up their broken pieces, assemble them and start off wiser and stronger.
Other than my experiences that have build up my character and that keep me striking for accomplishing my dreams, I am a people person even though I am a calm person. I envision for a better life for all people of all nations and that explains that future career goal in working in medical fields. During my free time, I write, I watch TV and hang around with friends and family. As far as music is concerned, I listen to zook and cultural music from my native country Guinea.
Q. Does fear motivate or oppress you?
A.  When it comes to something that is important to me, fear sometimes motivates me to do better and sometimes oppresses. The fact of wanting something so much pushes me to put a tremendous amount of work into that thing so as to avoid deceiving myself. However, the fact of also imagining the worse paralyzes me. It  oppresses by intimidation and limits me in my ability to do my best work.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this bio. You really seem like a fighter; someone who will not sit back in the face of uncertainty. I am relieved to know we have someone with a lot of courage and resilience on our team!


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