Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet Alpha Theta Phi Officers

Christian Sanchez-Narvaez
Communications Officer

Mayor: Liberal Arts Math & Science
Dream School: Columbia University
Current City: New York, NY

On the faithful morning of June 12th 2009, I received a call from my mother in Florida stating that a decision has been made on my ongoing juvenile court case… “Nolle Prosequi” she tried to pronounce. Of course my naive and word restricted vocabulary would not allow me to comprehend the unbelievable god-send this was for me until I actually received the letter. For two weeks, I was agonized with the idea of leaving everything I’ve worked for behind and stand in front of a judge to receive her mercy (again). Those two weeks were depressing; I felt that my life was coming to an end...

I began reflecting on every aspect of my life; my uncertain childhood health, my parents’ drug problems and consequential divorce, the disappearance of my father (who for 6 years I believed was dead), my teenage attitude against my mother and her new love, my constant use of drugs and alcohol to push back the pain of betrayal (which at the time I blamed god)… All this consumed my character, my personality, my soul...
Today I stand among colleagues, long distant from my questionable past. I am a dedicated scholar, with aspirations of becoming a prominent neurosurgeon in the emergency medicine field.

I live my life with purpose, with a vision and with philosophy. I share this message with you in an attempt to make connections with those who also have been through a “questionable past.” Do not let your past shape you; let your past enhance you toward what you are today and what you can be tomorrow. I consider myself the “life-lesson” individual among the officer team and choose my position because of my ability to relate to even the most troubled. I do this because I recognize that everyone has their own life story and I am determined to make a difference…

Q. “The beauty of it all is that this day will never come because life is perpetually meaningless and confusing. That is what really means to be human: to live in an existence with no destiny, condemned to freedom and whatever comes of it. So to answer the question “Who am I to be?” is again not a question of who I am or who I ought to be. It is the simple recognition that “Who” does not have meaning, nor does “to be.” “Am I” is the answer to the existential predicament. Am I going to be authentic? Am I going to take responsibility for my freedom? Am I willing to create myself as the image for humanity? Am I going to live a life full of intellect and understanding? This is the true existentialist and I am going to live a life with whatever meaning possible I can create from this infinite mess of possibilities…” (Sanchez-Narvaez, Christian. “Who Am I To Be?” 5)

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  1. Great work here, I really appreciate the philosphy Mr. Communications. Hope you stay on course with this passion!


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