Saturday, July 3, 2010

Meet the Alpha Theta Phi Officers

Therese Kobanghe
S.A.C. Liason

Major: Business Administration
Dream College: Columbia University
Current City: St. Albans, NY
          I was born in Paris, France but my parents are from Congo. I decided to attend LaGCC two years ago when I was visiting New York City and I learned about all the advantages and possibilities available in this college. What caught my eye in particular were the opportunities in terms of transferring to senior Colleges. In fact, my dream is to transfer to Columbia University where I can be challenged and make my mother proud upon graduating. I intend to do this not only by working harder but by working smarter as well because the outcome in this case is more promising. I’m sure my participation in Phi Theta Kappa will help me develop the characteristics needed to achieve this.
Five years from now, I see myself with a solid educational foundation, entering the business job market and hopefully happy in my chosen field.
          Additionally, I like sports, especially swimming, tennis, and soccer. I’m very excited that the World Cup is taking place in South Africa. I visited Africa 2 years ago and it’s a great opportunity for the world to see the potential of this continent. I also enjoy reading, writing poems and watching movies. Above everything, I love my mum with all my heart. Indeed, she is my hero; she has and still does sacrifice her own life so that I can have a better life myself. Furthermore, the fact that my mom has always been a generous person has helped me to become the person that I am today and it also motivates me to do well in college and pursue my dreams.

Q: From your list of priorities, what item do you wish you could place higher up on the scale?
A: When I lived in France I volunteered for The Red Cross and The Salvation Army. We held food drives and fed the homeless; during Christmas we collected toys and distributed them to hospitals and underprivileged children. I haven’t been able to keep this up here mostly because I lack the time. This is something I wish I could move higher up on my list, it was something that touched me deeply in my heart.  

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