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Become a Phi Theta Kappa Officer!

Officer Elections 2011
Dear Phi Theta Kappa members,

We will be holding elections for the 2010-2011 Chapter Officer Team on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2011 at2:30pm sharp in E-216. The new officer team will begin their term of service after the May 20 Induction and Officer Installation Ceremony. 

Serving as a Chapter Officer is a significant commitment. You will learn leadership skills, time-management skills, as well as how to work productively as a team. In addition to these benefits, Officers also have access to resources in Honors House (MB46) to conduct Chapter work. 

As many of you know, our Chapter has a high profile at the College, and recently received major awards in recognition of its service to others. Our Chapter has consistently been praised for developing servant-leaders committed to making positive changes in the lives of others. So, Officers are expected to serve as student leaders and role models, setting a high standard for being able to take the initiative to implement programs, being humble, reliable and responsible, and understanding the mission of Phi Theta Kappa and LaGuardia CC. 

Being an Officer is not an entitlement; those who are truly Officers earn it through their service to the Chapter and the College.


1) Interested members should get a copy of the Chapter By-Laws, which will also be available in MB46, on our website and by CLICKING HERE. Candidates should study all aspects of the By-Laws. 

Candidates should not only study the Chapter By-Laws, but they should speak with a current Officer, and try to attend a Chapter meeting or event. Officers' office hours are posted in MB46 and on our website. Candidates are also strongly encouraged to speak with Dr. Vasileiou (M-109 C or

3) Candidates should go to to learn about the Society's programs, particularly the Hallmarks Program, the Honors Study Topic, the 5-Star Program and the Pinnacle Program.

4) On election day (4/27), each candidate is expected to give a speech, which will be STRICTLY limited to 3 minutes. In this speech, the candidate MUST address how he or she will help the Chapter to implement one or more of the Society's programs mentioned in item 3. 

5) To repeat: speeches MUST reflect knowledge of Phi Theta Kappa's programs, and CANNOT consist of generalizations and claims about the candidate's abilities without demonstration of knowledge of the Society.

From the Chapter By-Laws:

"CHAPTER 5.  Officers
Section 1.  The Alpha Theta Phi Chapter shall have the following officers: President, Vice President for Programming & Events, Vice President for Membership Recruitment & Retention, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer, Liaison to the Student Advisory Council (SAC), and Publications Officer.
Section 2.  Each officer must be an active or transfer member of the Alpha Theta Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, in good standing, maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.3, and maintain at least half-time status at LaGuardia Community College throughout his or her term of office.
Section 3.  No officer shall serve concurrently in the LaGuardia Community College Student Government Association.  No officer shall serve concurrently in the Executive Board of the Student Advisory Council.
Section 4.  No officer shall be eligible to serve for more than one complete term in the same office.
Section 5. Each officer is expected to attend every general and Executive Board meeting unless excused.  A maximum of five unexcused absences will be permitted during the term of office.
Section 6.  The President and the Vice Presidents shall each serve a minimum of 3 hours per week in the Chapter office.   The other officers shall each serve a minimum of 2 hours per week in the Chapter office.
Section 7.  The duties of the PRESIDENT shall be as follows:
a.  Preside over all general, special, and Executive Board meetings.
b.  Appoint and establish any necessary committees.
c.  Serve as an ex officio member on all committees.
d.  Set the agenda for Executive Board meetings.
e.  Conduct an orientation meeting to review bylaws and Chapter policies with new officers and assign current officers to mentor them.
f.  Appoint a committee to review and/or revise the chapter bylaws annually.
g.  Appoint a committee to work with the advisors to prepare the Chapter Annual Report to be sent to Headquarters each spring.
h.  Appoint representatives to committees and projects when requested by other college constituencies.
i.  Represent the organization at all times.
Section 8.1  The duties of the VICE PRESIDENT FOR PROGRAMMING & EVENTS shall be as follows:
a.      Perform all duties of the President in the event of his or her absence.
b.  Coordinate all committees as assigned by the President.
c.      Head the committee reviewing the Chapter Annual Report.
d.  Serve on the Induction Ceremony Planning Committee.
e.      Coordinate all Five-Star chapter activities.
f.      Coordinate the preparation and submission of all Hallmark entries.
g.    Submit to the Regional Coordinator and Headquarters reports of chapter activities and Five Star Chapter
            Update Forms.
Section 8.2 The duties of the VICE PRESIDENT FOR MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT & RETENTION shall be as follows:
a.  Perform all duties of the President in the event of the absence of both the President and the Vice President for Programming & Events.
b.  Take roll at the general, special, and Executive Board meetings.
c.  Preside over recruitment drives and new member orientations.
d.  Coordinate all committees as assigned by the President.
e.    Head the committee reviewing the Chapter Bylaws.
f.    Coordinate the processing of new member applications.
g.    Head the Induction Ceremony Planning Committee.
Section 9.  The duties of the SECRETARY shall be as follows:
a.  Take and read minutes of general, special, and Executive Board meetings.
b.  Maintain historical records of Chapter meetings.
c.  Maintain a file of Chapter correspondence.
d.  Maintain attendance status of current officers throughout the term.
e.  Serve on the committee to prepare the Chapter Annual Report to be sent to Headquarters each spring.
f.  Serve on the Hallmark Entry Preparation Committee.
Section 10.  The duties of the TREASURER shall be as follows:
a.  Receive and process funds and payment requests.
b.  Keep a set of books, which shall be audited by the chapter advisors and the Executive Board before the office is relinquished.
c.  Serve on the committee to prepare budget proposals.
d.  Make a report of finances at each general meeting.
e.  Serve on

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  1. My Suggestion for you all is to really spend a good chunk of time researching these programs. Think about why they are there and then try to put them in the larger vision for the Phi Theta Kappa Experience you want for not just yourself, but for the other Officers, Members, Advisors, the college community, regional And International officers. Be resourceful. How will you use the Tools and Network Phi Theta Kappa has to offer in order to make the most out of this experience? Make sure you put a lot of thought into your major points. Make sure you memorize your Speech so that you Won't be looking at your paper the whole time! That is, you should be using Index Cards. And most importantly, come from the heart. We want to know something about you, something that will inspire us to vote for you because there is nothing and no one in the world we would rather elect than you.
    Good Luck and Practice!


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