Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shopping For Colleges

Stella Akuzie

The market was full and there were people all over the place. The colors were bright and plentiful. Those selling were at their best with welcoming smiles everywhere; they were eager to sell their wares to the shoppers. Those shopping were not in haste either, there were so many stalls available that it would be a mistake to visit one and leave.
Anybody would think this is a normal market and in a way it is except that the sellers are actually colleges and the shoppers are PTK members in 2-year colleges looking to transfer to four year colleges. Looking at the number of four year colleges and the eagerness on their faces one would think transferring from a two year college to a four year college is the easiest thing ever. Not so. Experience has shown it could as stressful as ever.
 I took a deep breathe and prepared to take a long leisurely walk in this market and see what I come up with. It was to be an interesting walk. I went from table to table basking in the hospitality of the representatives and sure enough they were all smiles and expecting me to come up with a question which they would answer gladly. I asked questions like: where is the school situated? Does the school have hostel? Does the school have a sport team that takes part in competitions? Etc.
Even though some of my questions seemed trivial, I discovered they might actually be important; a sports team could mean an opportunity to get sport scholarship! I also found that PTK members  stood a good chance of getting an honors scholarship at some colleges worth up to $10,000 depending on the GPA. So come on guys keep flying high! And if you spent your 2-years in community college and got an associates in a field you want to study at a 4-year college; there are colleges that would let you start as a junior so that that your two years and all the credits are not wasted. I found out all these just taking a walk through the college fair market place! So when next you see a college fair… take a minute and do a little shopping.
Oh by the way, it is possible to apply for admission to some colleges without paying the application fee. Something about application waiver…find out about it at the next college fair you attend. See you guys!

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