Friday, May 17, 2013

PTK New Program - Peer Mentor Positions Available

Dear PTK members,

A new program is looking for Peer mentors. If you fit the criteria and
are interested, please contact Dr. Payal Doctor

CREAR Futuros, which means “To Create Futures” in Spanish is a pilot
retention program we will initiate at LaGuardia Community College in
Fall 2013 supported in part by the Lumina Foundation. CREAR (College
Readiness, Achievement and Retention) activities will center on Latino
Student Success intervention strategies.

CREAR Peer Mentors – High performing upper class men and women will be
trained to mentor entering Latino freshmen as part of the pilot CREAR
Futuros Scholars Program.  Prospective peer mentors will be required to
be:  a) working towards a degree at LaGuardia, b) enrolled full-time (at
least 12 credits) in the current semester and plan to enroll full-time
next semester, c) have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2, d) have earned
at least 24 college credits and e) have addressed any remedial needs by
fall of 2013, f) fill out an application form, and g) pass an interview.
 Cultural and language competency will be a vital aspect of
mentor-mentee pairings.

All CREAR Peer Mentors will complete a Leadership Training and
Development course in order to understand their role as a mentor as well
as college transition challenges. They will have 20 students to engage
in person or electronically during the course of the year. The student’s
weekly time commitment is 15 hours for which they will receive a monthly

Thank You!

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