Wednesday, May 15, 2013


By Desiree Rivera

Attending the 95th Annual International PTK Convention has by far been the most rewarding experience as a member of the Alpha Theta Phi chapter.  The International Convention is an experience that cannot truly be explained or understood until one experiences it for their self.   There are more opportunities available to students than they will ever be able to imagine prior to their arrival at the convention.  First and foremost, there is an opportunity to bond with other members and advisors within individual chapters. This bonding allowed for everyone to get to know one another on a more personal level.  We gained a deeper understanding of each other not only as Phi Theta Kappans, but also as individuals that contribute to our collective chapter dynamic. 
Networking is another key element of the convention and the opportunities to connect with fellow PTK scholars and professionals are endless.  Aside from its exciting social aspects the convention is designed to empower Phi Theta Kappans through the words of keynote speakers during general sessions and presenters of educational forums.  Students are encouraged to attend as many educational forums as possible, which are implemented to provide students with useful tools and tips that can be used in future endeavors.  In order to gain the most out of the forums, students are given the freedom to choose to attend the forums that they find most interesting.  In doing so, Phi Theta Kappans can take their newfound knowledge and practically apply it in their lives. 
The overall experience of the International Convention is not solely based around socializing and learning. Students are given exposure to travel and are given the chance to explore cities that they most likely have never been before.  This year’s convention was held in beautiful San Jose, California.  From the tall palm trees, to the warm sunny days, and cool evenings, every minute spent in this city was enjoyable.  Exploring the streets of downtown San Jose leaves much to be desired for students who wish to travel the world.  It is through travel that we are able to make to connections to the cultures and ways of life of others, creating more knowledgeable and well-rounded individuals.  Attending the convention in San Jose was an epic experience that will certainly never be forgotten.

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