Tuesday, June 11, 2013

President’s Society Ambassador

"In January, the pilot program of The LaGuardia Community College
President’s Society was launched and it has proven to be a great
success. This program provides intensive leadership development
training, giving students an opportunity to gain new skills and network
with community leaders. These students then become “ambassadors” for
LaGuardia representing the College to the media, funders and elected

President’s Society students do not need to be top academic performers,
but they do need to be highly motivated, have a desire to learn
leadership skills and have an appreciation for community service. If
you are interested, please see the flyer, review the website and submit
an application online at

The application deadline is Monday, June 17. Please contact Elyse
Newman at 718-482-5054 or elnewman@lagcc.cuny.edu with any questions.

Your Phi Theta Kappa chapter"

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  1. We're happy to share that the deadline for the President's Society has been extended to Thursday, July 18.


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