Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dear Kappans,

Here's a heads-up to those of you who are eligible to apply for the upcoming round of the Jack Kent Cooke Transfer Scholarship (up to $30,000 per year for completion of Bachelor's degree).

The JKC foundation has made drastic changes to the application process. The good news is that community colleges are not limited in the number of applicants to forward for this scholarship. Students now submit their applications directly to the Foundation.

Those of you who are eligible (see JKC website's eligibility and FAQ sections) should have received a letter from me earlier this summer. Included in that letter is an invitation to send an email to so that you are on the JKC mailing list to receive application updates. Please do so at your earliest convenience, and put down "Jack Kent Cooke" in the subject-line of that email (don't assume that your ptk membership means that you'll get the latest JKC news).

In the meantime, key changes and dates to keep in mind, especially because there is a new early deadline, are:

(1) Online applications will be available on Sept. 12. You are advised to study the eligibility info. and past scholars' bios to get a head-start:
You are welcome to look for the bios of LaGuardia's 2 JKC winners: Honors students Yeshey Pelzom and Harmonie Kobanghe

(2) Phase I Application Deadline: Nov. 7. Completion of online application, PLUS ONE letter of recommendation (due. Nov. 11).

(3) Phase II Application Deadline (for semi-finalists): Jan. 16. Completion of the rest of the application, 2nd letter of recommendation, and all academic and financial documentation.

(4) We will offer at least 1-2 JKC workshops in late Sept./early Oct. to assist applicants. Send an email to to get alerts.

(5) Go to the "Useful Documents" section of to access last year's application. Although the application process has changed, you can still get a general sense of demands of the application.

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