Monday, February 24, 2014

Hallmark Essay

by Peter Kim

My experience throughout the hallmark essay procedure for this year was more challenging than pleasurable. First, let me describe what the Hallmark essay is. Hallmark essays consist of Honors in Action, distinguished chapter member and officer, and distinguished chapter advisor. The purpose of all of these essays is to highlight what our chapter has done and accomplished during the term. Why does our chapter need to submit these hallmark essays? Because this is needed to maintain five star level status and to demonstrate our dedication and achievements to the Phi Theta Kappa society around the world. Is writing a Hallmark essay a lot different than some other essays? I think that the process of writing a Hallmark essay is not much different than any other essay. When we write an essay, we have to do research on our topic, read articles about it, pre-write it, edit it and submit it. However, the Hallmark essays have one more important procedure that needs to be addressed, the collaboration and cooperation between other officers and members.

             The hallmark essay needs a large amount of research on a selected topic. For instance, for Honors in Action (HIA), our chapter selected the theme of competition in education. There are too many topics under that category for an individual to handle so other officers and members needed to help each other to find and do their research like sharing a task. We had so many meetings about HIA based on how to specify our topic and organize our plan for the HIA. I believe, we were ready because the content, resources and information that we worked on were amazing. However, once we entered the month before the deadline of submission we were struggling.  Even though we had a month to gather and collect our resources and thoughts into an essay, we were too busy and lack of communication between officers made us lose track of our advisors’ preliminary deadline. It’s always hard to put our thoughts into an essay. I believe there is no doubt that we had a humongous amount of research and information but lack of collaboration between each other was the main reason for our struggle. I recommend that future officers address this part in order to have an exceptional outcome.

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