Friday, March 7, 2014

Being Vice President of Membership Recruitment and Retention

by Tishara Reid

Holding any officer position in Phi Theta Kappa comes with many advantages, and with those advantages come responsibilities.  Before committing to serve as an officer ensure that you are well informed about what is expected by speaking with a current officer and an advisor.
        I have been serving as the Vice President of Membership Recruitment and Retention since May 2013.  It has been a rewarding, time consuming, challenging, yet exciting experience. My position is one that involves constant communication, and collaboration with others. To students that are unfamiliar with our organization, it has been my job to inform them about what we are all about, and hopefully get them interested in joining. I have conducted many different tabling events in order to reach out to a larger volume of students and encourage them to join our auspicious organization. A big part of this position is ensuring that all the events such as the induction ceremonies and community service activities have adequate volunteers. For these events I have to ensure that everything that needs to be done has volunteers assigned to fulfill these duties. I send emails, texts, and even phone calls to our members to ask for their assistance and allow them to become more active.

        As a member of the officer team it was expected that I attend all general meetings/officer meetings and a required 3 hours per week of in office hours. It is definitely a lot of work, but it has been worth it. Apart from meeting new and wonderful people, I really developed myself in many areas. Prior to being an officer I detested even the thought of speaking in front of a group of unfamiliar people. However, as an officer I had to conduct general meetings and speak in other open forums and it has really helped me build my confidence, for that I am truly grateful. It is not only work and no play! As an officer, I have gotten the opportunity to travel, go to different conferences, and have many great experiences. I would encourage anyone who is interested in improving his or her interpersonal skills, leadership skills, who interested in scholarship, fellowship, leadership and service to step up and take the challenge it will definitely be worth your while!

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