Friday, March 7, 2014

Duties of the Officer of Programming and Events

by Esmeralda Vargas

Being the VP of Programming and Events for the Alpha Theta Phi chapter has been a wonderful journey. The position requires loads of responsibility and dedication, but the experience is truly rewarding.  It is a great feeling to know that, as an officer, you play meaningful role in the college community, aside from just being a student in your college. I find it rewarding to know that outside of a classroom I am able to connect with my college by being an officer. In addition, not only do I play an active part in my college, but also in my community.
            By organizing volunteer events such as book drives and toy drive for those less fortunate I can give back to my community.  I find it gratifying to be able to help other students succeed; creating these volunteer events enables students to take an active role in their community and college.
            Aside from working with the VP of Recruitment and Retention aspect, to coordinate volunteer events for the members of our chapter, I also oversee other events that our chapter hosts, such as our induction ceremonies that are held in the spring and fall sessions. My duties are to ensure that all things such as food, volunteers, and pamphlets are in place prior to the event. I am in charge of making sure all these things are taken care of in order for these functions to run smoothly without disorder and or confusion.
            Being an officer is a time consuming activity, but if you manage your time wisely then the workload is manageable. I have been able to juggle both my responsibilities as officer and academics by starting projects that are given to me as soon as possible. Even if I am unable to finish the task at hand on the day it is given to me, I merely start the project as soon as I can and taking a few minutes here and there aid me in the process of completing it.
            I believe choosing to become an officer is one of the best decisions I have made while attending LaGuardia Community College. It is a wonderful opportunity to give back to your college and help other students whom, like you, share the same drive and ambition to succeed.

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