Friday, March 7, 2014

Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration

by Christian Glatz

In continuing with the traditions of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the chapter participated in a regional conference held in Corning, N.Y. The theme of the conference was Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration, which was very fitting since scientist in Corning are the leading experts in the development of the purest form of glass which is then used in fiber optic communications.                                           
Whether it is discovering new civilizations, planets, medicine or ways to construct the tallest building, all has been accomplished by brave men and women with strong spirits of exploration willing to embark on a journey to those frontiers. With this idea in mind, PTK’s executive committee set the Honors Study Topic for the Honors in Action (HIA) project.                                                                                  
The Honors in Action project is a way for members of PTK to hone their skills of scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service. A topic for exploration is introduced every 2 years and members research one out of the nine themes within the Honors Program Guide. During this research students choose an issue that they feel is most relevant to them and conduct proper scholarly research in order to find a solution and present it to the community in order to make a difference through service.                                
One of the workshops taking place during the convention was the explanation of the new study topic for the HIA: Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration. We were presented a summary for each of the nine themes in the Honors Program Guide. The main idea behind the new topic is that everything humans have accomplished during the time of our existence is attributed to people having the desire to explore the unknown. To begin exploration one needs to pose the question “is this the last frontier? Or is there more?” We can all agree that those questions have led us to the discovery of new lands, civilizations, the history of life in this planet, and the discovery of new planets in our universe, and many other advances such as in medicine and technology.                                                                                                                        
It is in our best interest as a society to think how we can push the limits in order to benefit everyone. Education is the doorway for exploration, therefor we should take every opportunity to learn more and spread that knowledge to others. At this point, I want you to think of something you think you know and ask you self this question “Is this it? Or is there more?” Now go and explore!!

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