Monday, March 10, 2014

Living College Life in the Front Row

by Ross Adler

During the PTK 28th Annual New York Regional Conference, we listened to a host of great motivational speakers. One of the speakers during the conference was Jon Vroman. He discussed, in a very captivating way, how to live college life in the front row. Living college life in the front row means that we’re not just spectators sitting at the back but instead we’re going to be participants fully engaged and making the most of what our college life can offer.

                According to Vroman, living college life in the front row involves several different steps. The first step is connecting. By connecting with advisors, peers, and professors, you create a network of people who can help you advance your professional life. The second step is creating. Whatever your major is or whatever you do on campus, it is important for you to create. Creating can come in the form of research, innovation, and other stuff that’s useful to either you or everyone else around you. Make sure that your creating is something that you’re proud of. The third step is change. Sometimes change is very confusing but it is one of the few things in life that is inevitable. Learn to embrace it and accept that it is not going to be an easy road. The fourth step is commitment. Remember to commit to your dreams and make sure that you are doing your best to achieve them. The last step is contribution. Contributing to endeavors around us is something that we should strive to do on a regular basis. Whether we know it or not, we can give to others in the most unusual places. Using these steps, we can learn to actively participate in the college that we are attending. 

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