Monday, March 31, 2014

Regional Officers Election at the NY Regional PTK Convention

by Heebeom Yang

Talking with alumni, Yoseph Lee and Seungh wan Oh, definitely helped guide me through the process of running for a NY Regional Officer position. I took a look and see what kind of work I would have to do as the Alumni Representative regional officer and what the eligibility requirements were for the position. Before I decided to run for the position, I contacted the current Alumni Representative, Carlos to get some tips for the elections.
                He told me that the position really depends on my talent and how I deliver my speech within two minutes.  Having gone through for the election and given a speech, I would suggest to prospective active members that to run for an officer will definitely challenge you. The election required me to have good communication skills to deliver my message to the audience. Also, I needed creative ideas on how I could make contributions to the New York Region PTK as an Alumni Representative. The Alumni Representative position that I ran for would be a lot of work but this position would train me to become a better leader.
                To prepare for election process, I need to complete the registration form, get it signed by an adviser and myself and take it to the Regional conference in Corning, NY. During a general session, I needed to be nominated by a member, but it was possible to nominate myself too. I needed to give a two minute speech to all the PTK members present at the conference. I was not able to attend other nominee’s speeches because they made us leave the room.
                In my speech, I asked that I not ' be judged by my accent but on my abilities’ and I tried to emphasize that even though English is my second language, I can challenge myself to improve my abilities and skills. I tired to show them that as the Alumni Representative. I would give my abilities back to the PTK community in the New York Region. For me, it was really good experience to speak in front of a large audience even though, I wasn’t elected.
                For future Phi Theta Kappa members who would like to run for a Regional Officer position, I would say that you must push yourself to overcome the challenge in front of you.  If you are running because you think this process and being a Regional Officer will be easy, then you might want to reconsider your choice because there’s no such thing as an easier way to go.

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