Friday, May 9, 2014

Applying to Graduate Schools

by Ross Adler
During the PTK International Conference held in Orlando, Florida last April 24 to 26, I attended a mini session on how to apply for graduate schools. It was very informative and put the next few years into perspective.
First and foremost, it is important for you to write down a timeline on when you wish to go to grad school. Writing it down and sticking to this timeline will help you to keep track of how far you’ve gone and how much you have to do in order to get into grad school. While you’re in the process of preparing for grad school, it is important to build up your network. While you’re completing your undergraduate degree, you should be in contact with alumni, current students, and future students of that college. Don’t hesitate to ask them intelligent questions about the process of applying to gradaute school and how you can make your application stand out.
The next step is to choose the right degree or program. There are online self-assessment tools that you can utilize and this can give you an idea of what subject you should pursue. You should also conduct informational interviews. Asking the right people the right questions can help you in the process of selecting a graduate degree. Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of campus career services where they can provide counseling and where you can talk with the staff regarding your career goals.
Things to keep in mind at least a year before applying to graduate school are the requirements. Generally, you need essays or a personal statement, your resume,  letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, official transcripts, scholarship essays (where possible), and be also prepared for an interview. It is never too early to prepare for graduate school and with the right preparation, you can have a successful application process!

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