Monday, November 3, 2014

                                                                                                  by Rachel Chambers

Being an active member of Phi Theta Kappa comes with a lot of benefits and one of those in
particular is having an opportunity to attend different conferences or
County, Long Island at the Suffolk County Community College Ammerman campus.
conventions. This year, the New York Regional Conference was held in Suffolk
hear a name like that you think it has numerous obstacle courses, tons of sweat
One of the most informative but relaxing events was The Amazing Race. When you
order to engage with other members of PTK and socialize as we should. The race
and physical exercise. Funny enough, that was just only a small part of it in
had different levels which each team had to complete in a specific time. The
offer and some sort of twist within it all. What is the point of this, you may
activities were as follows: The Water Bucket Challenge, Mine Field, Flash Trivia, Magic Carpet Ride and Pass code. Each event had something different to
emotionally. This was a way for us to work together as a group, put our brains
ask? Well, it was a way for us as members to interact with other members across the New York Region and do so not only mentally and physically but also together, have fun, learn more about each other and well just engage in what
able to stretch their mental abilities, view things from different perspectives
the true meaning of fellowship is. Thanks to this activity, many people were able to connect with one another to make long lasting friendships. They were and just have a good time doing it all. The Amazing Race was a nice way to
organization at the PTK New York Regional Conference.
destress, socialize and learn all in one, and this was all possible because of

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