Friday, March 27, 2015

Report from the New York Regional Convention in Ithaca, 2015

Report from the New York Regional Convention in Ithaca, 2015 March 7 - Fellowship Event

by Rachel Chambers

If you missed this years New York Regional Convention, you definitely missed something phenomenal. What better place to meet new people that shares a few of the same values than with your fellow Phi Theta Kappa members around New York? If anything, this whole experience was a great one where you would interact with amazing people, learn a lot from different seminars and workshops and be able to take something back to your own chapter. The highlight of my whole trip had to be the night with the musical genius and rap mix violinists Svet himself. This young man is a Bulgarian native and professional violinist, that focuses on mainly remixing hip hop, RnB and other genres of music with his violin. He was also a competitor on America Got Talent and now work with some of the most iconic musicians in our time such as Kanye West and Chris Brown, just to name a few. His dedication, determination and talent contributes to him being a great entertainer. His energy and ability to light up a room not only with his music, but his dance moves and singing skills earns him the title of a very unique entertainer in the music industry. Every single individual in attendance at the regional conference had fun, many people showed off their talented dance moves, singing skills and appreciating the good music that was being presented. There were memories made, laughter at its best and people being more comfortable and extending their comfort zone in order to enjoy the wonderful event. What is this? Fellowship at its finest! Svet and his brother in the end took pictures with every single fan and indulged in conversations with different students based on their interests. This was a night not only for entertainment, but a way to network and gain some insight and advice which may be helpful to us all. Frankly, who knows how to enjoy a great night with good food and music better than Phi Theta Kappa members? No one!

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