Monday, May 18, 2015

John Legend, The Musical Sensation and Influential Words by Rachel Chambers

If you missed the PTK International Convention this year, trust me you missed something spectacular! This year we were honored to have many absolutely brilliant and influential guest speakers throughout the convention. During our first general session, we had the one and only John Legend! Yes, the musical sensation himself blessed the stage with his presence and wise words. For most of his time on stage, he did not perform but instead gave a powerful speech on the educational system and his own life experiences.

John Legend was born in Ohio where he went to school and lived with his family. Due to catastrophic events during his later childhood, it took a toll on his schoolwork eventually. However, regardless of the trials and the path he may have chosen, he ensured he obtained his education and broadened his knowledge by going to college. Mr. Legend worked in the corporate world for years but realized music was his passion. He did not have it easy as a musician because it took him years before he got his first big break. That big break came from none other than Kanye West himself.

For Mr. Legend, it was all about having passion and love in everything you did because without those things then your life and its purpose is not being fulfilled. However, John Legend is a big advocate for education and helping students to achieve their education no matter the barriers they may face. He is involved in numerous organizations that advocate for that cause, and he even went as far as starting his own. His speech was beautifully written and presented wherein he touched on the different issues we as an American society face within our educational system and therefore we need to make adjustments to better that system. After his speech, he performed some of his hit songs such as “Green Light” and “All of Me” for his audience. John Legend not only has a beautiful voice that touch our souls but an intellectual and visionary mind that will change the world.

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