Sunday, October 18, 2015

"Making the Most Out of Your Time at Community College"
by Kenley Liu

I want to be part of an organization that helps an individual grow not only academically but personally. With so many ways to get involved at Laguardia, I discover that Phi Theta Kappa is the most compatitble organization for me to colloborate with. . Phi Theta Kappa is the most recognized program for community college students. Their mission statement is to aid students with high aspirations to develop the professionalism and leadership. That ideology is something that I look for and it fits closely to my personal intentions.
My personal intentions are to become a writer in the future. Having more access to like-minded individuals within Phi Theta Kappa helps me grow my connections with like-minded individuals. Besides gaining more connections, I want to become a leader. The opportunities given are excellent. There are volunteering and conventions available that I am interested in. Attending these events and activities will be excellent to look forward to. Not only will I gain knowledge and experience but I will also make friends. Friends are not connections. Friends are there for support and motivation when we need to get back on track to our goals.
Lastly, I highly believe that anyone that works hard and strive to become better than they were the day before should be given a chance at Phi Theta Kappa. I want to be a better version of myself and think Phi Theta Kappa can assist me along that route of transformation.

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