Monday, November 2, 2015

Why I joined PTK

by Oluranti Olaose

I'm honored to join the PTK society, not only because it is a recognition of my academic endeavors, but because it is an excellent avenue for networking. In today’s job market, simply having the know-how is not enough and one needs good connections and networking skills to land a dream position. Joining this society provides me not only the opportunity to learn from peers who are successful in their academics, but also the ability to build a network that can help me reach my career goals in the near future. Being a part of this society will also provide me motivation to perform well throughout my school journey so I can maintain my position in the society. In addition, joining the society provides me access to scholarships to help with the rising cost of tuition, and will help my transfer to a four year school go as smoothly as possible. I am excited to be have these benefits and confident they will go a long way towards enabling me achieve my academic and life goals.

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