Friday, February 26, 2016

Making Yourself Stand Out

by Akampreet Kaur A community college student faces many hardships throughout his/her journey to success. You need to stand out of many students in order to make something out of yourself. Transferring can be tough for many students but all it takes is dedication. You need to make yourself stand out from millions of other students. Phi Theta Kappa is a great chance to make your future more successful and be recognized for your hard work. Not only will it make me stand out from my peers but it will also, guide me to the right direction of my goals. I see myself one day hopefully teaching an elementary classroom filled with young minds ready to learn new things. Childhood Education appeals to me the most because kids are basically the future; I will get to teach future teachers, doctors, scientists, etc. Education played a really big part in my life that I plan to continue in the future by becoming a teacher. I want to have some sort of an impact on my student’s lives by inspiring them to have open minds to be able to learn new things.There will be many hardships throughout the way however, having the right people guiding me, I know I will achieve my dreams one day. Phi Theta Kappa will guide me to the right direction to achieve my dreams. It will help me grow as an individual by teaching the leadership skills I need to success. I will be given many great opportunities to gain more knowledge and learn from others experience. PTK will be a great helping hand who will not only support me but also, give me the motivation I need to transfer to a 4-year. Also, it will recognize my hard work and cheer for me to keep going. I am a very hardworking student who believes in becoming the best version of yourself. Everyday is a new day to improve yourself and you will only get out, what you put into it!

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