Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Phi Theta Kappa: Investing Time for Best Results

by Emmanuel Alfred Dela Cruz

I believe that Phi Theta Kappa is an Honor Society that enables competitive students, like me, to enhance the essential skills and knowledge that the student needs in order to be better prepared for their future. I am a transfer student, and I have known of Phi Theta Kappa from my previous school. I learned that Phi Theta Kappa has an enormous field of networking opportunities for their members, and has gives many services to society. I understand that joining Phi Theta Kappa creates an opportunity for me to collaborate with students and mentors who share the same energy, focus, passion, and dreams. The values, and the mission of an organization is vital for me to even consider joining a certain group. I consider Phi Theta Kappa as one of the best communities to mold me to become a future leader in the society. I have been part of multiple clubs in my previous school, and I believe joining this honor society would absolutely inspire me to grow and become a better student. 

I plan to gain as much knowledge as I can since I have joined Phi Theta Kappa. I have never joined an honor society before. However, I hope to build my resume, network, and apply for multiple scholarships. Since, I invested $70, I expect myself to be more involved and get the most of the membership fee. I am aware that I need to retained a minimum grade point average to remain a part of the honor society. This will be a motivating factor for me to encourage myself to be better with my classes since I really want to be part of this organization. 

As a final point, Phi Theta Kappa is an honor society that guides their members to improve, and be well-prepared citizens in their society. Building a firm foundation is an essential part in being successful in life, and I believe that the Phi Theta Kappa is the one of the organizations that can help mold and create the path to success. If I put in the effort, the results I see from my involvement with Phi Theta Kappa will be the best.

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