Monday, February 22, 2016

What Attracted Me To Phi Theta Kappa

By Tessa Clark

One of the benefits that drew me into accepting my membership to Phi Theta Kappa was some of the scholarship opportunities that this foundation offers. I took some time off from my education and now that I am getting reengaged with learning I would like to be able to fully immerse myself and not have to worry about paying loans when I graduate. Phi Theta Kappa shows academic excellence and it will help me further along in my educational journey. I have very high aspirations for myself and would like to attend an Ivy League school after I receive my Associate Degree from LaGuardia. I feel that Phi Theta Kappa will help me to achieve my dreams and also help introduce me to like-minded intelligent people who have set high standards and goals for themselves. I want to be able to network with people who know what they want from their education and who are progressive in their thinking and attitudes. I am looking forwards to going to events and discussing topics with people who take their learning seriously. This scholarship would mean a lot to me because I am 110% engaged with my learning and in doing whatever it takes to further my endeavors.

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