Friday, March 11, 2016

And the award goes to… Alpha Theta Phi!

By Anika Hossain

I still remember the first general meeting after the new officer team for Spring 2015-2016 was elected. They had a President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer. However, they didn’t have a Media Officer. The team did send a group email, but the Facebook page wasn’t being utilized at all. As a result, the only member who showed up to the meeting was myself. It was baffling to see a team with such great potential fail due to lack of marketing. That’s when I decided to step forward and take charge of our Facebook page.

Managing a Facebook page is not as easy as I thought it would be. Anyone can be an Admin of a page, but getting people to actually read and follow your posts has a lot to do with creativity. So initially it was tough for me to attract followers. But with trial and error, I learned the secrets to effectively maintain a Facebook page. I began to post a lot of pictures because visuals reach more people rather than just plain text. Whenever I shared a link, I thought to myself “What would make people want to stop everything they are doing and click on the link?” I have brainstormed a lot on figuring out attention seeking captions that are short and concise. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. But I never stopped.

When it was time for applying for regional awards, our Advisor Dr. Payal Doctor encouraged us to submit our Facebook page for the Digital Media Award entry. I was honestly not expecting to win, but I didn’t lose hope. I stepped up my game and had full support from the team. On March 5,2015 at our Regional Convention, the winners were announced. My heart bounced as the PTK Regional Coordinator Dr. Alex announced that it was time to give out the Digital Media Award. “And the award goes to… Alpha Theta Phi!” I screamed out of happiness, and ran to get the award. The scene made people laugh as it was funny to watch. I felt as if I had won an Oscar!

It’s amazing that Phi Theta Kappa recognizes a chapter’s hard work and dedication at Regional Conventions. A simple appreciation by giving an award means a lot. In total, our chapter won 7 regional awards. Cheering and clapping for each other every time we won an award was very uplifting. Alpha Theta Phi makes me proud. I started as an Officer to give, but I didn’t realize how much I’d get.

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