Friday, April 22, 2016

A Co-host Experience at Regional Convention 

by Kimly Tor

The New York regional convention for this year took place at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) for three days from March 4 to March 6, 2016 and our chapter, Alpha Theta Phi, was the co-host of the event.

An overall responsibility that we had as a co-host was to make sure that our guests, who are students and advisors from other chapters, were welcomed into the home. On the first day, we took an initiative to make sure that our guests who were new to New York City did not get lost in the city. Four of our officers and members volunteered to take care of this by going to the hotel where our guests stayed at and brought them to BMCC where the event took place. When they arrived at the BMCC, three of our officers and one BMCC’s officer welcomed them with big smiles and gave them their name tags (which were also prepared by us) and the program book for the whole event. During lunch and dinner break, we also helped regulate the guests by allowing two tables at a time to head to the food tables so that we could avoid a long line at the buffet line. This welcoming duty continued throughout this three-day event, which made us standout as a co-host chapter. We had received lots of compliments on our friendly welcome from our fellow chapters and guests.

What made this co-host experience even more rewarding was what we learned. Not only did we had a great time serving our guests but we also has a chance to learn from keynote speakers, seminars, and fellowship at the events. One of my favorite keynote speakers was Vincent Cheng who had brought up an interesting topic of where the U.S. stands from a global perspective, which is a discussion that I don't hear very often in American society. (To find out more about his presentation please read “How the World Works” by Paula Castaneda.) I also learned the definition of a good leader and the different types of leadership roles from the leadership seminar, "What kind of Leader are you?" that led by the New York Regional Vice President, Richard Thomas, and the Alumni Representative, Andrew Edwards.

The best take away from this convention for me was the group photo with the PTK frame and the multiple awards that we received including the Five Star Chapter Plan award, New York Region award, Distinguished Member award, Distinguished Officer award, the Best Media award, and the Best Poster award. They would be always in my memory and these accomplishments will be the legacy that our team leaves behind as one of the best officer teams at Phi Theta Kappa chapter at LaGuardia.

To sum up, having a chance to be part of organizing the 2016 New York PTK Regional Convention was the culmination of the endless effort and energy that my team and I have put into running our chapter. To summarize in three words: we learn, we serve, and we succeed.

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