Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Beyond the Fun at NerdNation

by Kimly Tor

When I first heard about NerdNation from the previous officers, I couldn't see why it was important except that it would be fun to attend. While it is true that we had a lot of fun, the convention was more than that. I was constantly learning something new in every session that I attended from listening to special speakers such as Mr. Lord John Eatwell who talked about global economic to attending educational forums such as “EI + IQ = Success,” where I learned about emotional intelligence for the first time. In addition to all these experiences and excitement that I brought back with me, there was one important thing that I learned and wished I knew long before I arrived there.

I have learned that there is a reason why NerdNation is also called International Convention. It is a huge event with thousands of attendees came from many different chapters all around the United States and the world. However, at the convention, we didn’t represent ourselves as individuals who came from different chapters but as divisions or states, such as our chapter represented as New York or Division I (for a full list of divisions check http://www.laguardia.edu/ptk/). It is important to know this because it made me realize how crucial it is for us to perform well as a chapter on campus, so that we can compete not only with other chapters that are in the same region but also with other states in the same Division, and the most honor of all is to compete on international level outside of our division. That is, if we did really well with our hallmarks and received an award at the international convention we would not only represent the success to our chapter but also to our region and division. This is how huge the success would be and that would bring more resources to the chapter whether financially or in the form of recognition.

I hope this would give our chapter a big picture to keep an eye on and to remember that every step that we have done successfully on campus, big or small, would determine the success at the international stage.

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