Friday, May 6, 2016

Success in Multitudes

by Sytricia Mears

Phi Theta Kappa attracted me because it offers one particular benefit that I value, fellowship. Being a member of a body of students who all strive to succeed inspires me to do the same and gives me a sense of empowerment to complete my journey to a degree. I know and believe I have what it takes to reach my goals but the support and comradery Phi Theta Kappa provides, and the chance to help my college community, will instill values I know are essential to my future success. I was honored by the invitation to join because I knew the experience would be one filled with opportunities that encourage me to elevate my abilities. As I continue to write my story I’d like to break down the barriers that hold me back. I’d like to expand my interactions and make every moment meaningful. I look forward to the benefits of meeting fellow scholars and being able to support success. As a society that offers all of the right tools to succeed, I think nothing trumps the offer of collective diligence. I am excited to see what I can offer and what I can learn from others.

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