Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Taking a Second Chance Without Second Thoughts

by Hyun Lee

Until the present, my school life adaptation in LaGuardia Community College wasn’t smooth due to great and small defeats. A language barrier and choosing the right major for me were the biggest obstacles that I faced. But as I am now joining the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), I hope that many different scholarship offers and leadership training will help me build my path towards senior colleges and my career.

I was born in America but raised in South Korea. Right after graduating high school, I came back to America by myself. My pronunciation wasn’t greatly different from natives, so not many people noticed that I was not from the US. Because I did not gorw up in the US, I lacked confidence when speaking English. I was scared to express my opinions and my feelings to others because of poor grammar and an insufficient vocabulary. Also, I had to work for a living while adapting to American culture. At that time I received an invitation from PTK, but I did not feel ready to join.

Secondly, before declaring my current major, Business Administration, I stumbled in the wrong field and my GPA showed that subject was not for me. But I raised my GPA after developing an interest in my major; and this lead me to my second invitation to join PTK.

I regret being ignorant before, but I am not the type to be bound by the past and it is never too late to start, so I am finally engaging myself to PTK. PTK’s $37 million scholarship opportunities for members will help finance my education after LaGuardia, which was my biggest concern. Second, programming such as Honors in Action project will enhance my academic performance and leadership skills so that I can be one of the strongest competitors when I continue my education at a senior college and beyond. Despite the benefits, it is my responsibility to derive the benefits which PTK offers, so I will continuously work hard to maintain my academic performance.

The author of “The Great Gatsby” Francis Scott Fitzgerald said “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” At the moment when I was facing obstacles, I thought it was my final defeat. But as of now, I realized it wasn’t the final one and more will constantly come to shake me like before. Therefore, I don’t want to hesitate becoming a PTK member because I know this honor society will be my reassuring ally along my journey.

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  1. Clara Altidor- PTK new member LAGCCAugust 19, 2016 at 6:07 PM

    This is an awesome post. I love the quote in th e conclusion. We often confuse "a single defeat " with "the final defeat" and it's imperative that we learn to understand not to. So long as we're alive, we have a fighting chance at living to our fullest potential and helping fellow strivers and those that aspire, along the way. I love this post!


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