Friday, October 21, 2016

Be a part of the world

by Anil Ghimire

Getting chance to meet with fellow scholars is good, but beyond that meeting the scholars who have achieved something through the stages of life like yours is inspiring. When I get chance to meet someone who was like me and has achieved success, I feel motivated. As I am in the same type of community me get motivated towards the accomplishment of my dreams. Phi Theta Kappa is such an organization which provides platform to meet people like me who are serious, who have desire to achieve something new in his life. If I see the motivational environment then I will be motivated towards the same, like at induction.

I get a chance to be a part of 3 million network of students of over 1285 campuses worldwide. Getting this chance, I can get chance to be familiar with the students who are not only in US but all over the world. Sharing ideas among my peers will make me wiser than I was just by reading an article. I can be proud of myself that I have a connection to the people of the whole world via PTK. I think I can have communications with others about how they are proceeding towards success. I can also ask help/suggestions from the community if I am in need of any of them.  The group interactions makes you really brilliant in handling your pressure. So, being a member of one of the successful society like PTK enhances my level and motivate my towards brighter path.

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