Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Experience as HIA Coordinator

by Tsewang Rinzin

My experience as the coordinator for PTK Honors In Action research project was one of the best hands-on learning experiences that I received in my academic life. With my unique position, I got a chance to meet many incredible students and enhance my leadership skills with the help of our leadership expert, Professor Chris Singh. Also this year’s Honors In Action theme, How the world works: Global perspectives, has pushed me to think critically and see things from a different angle. I became more open-minded toward many issues. For instance, our chapter, Alpha Theta Phi, focused on the theme of Individualism and Collectivism. After conducting our research, I learned that both individualism and collectivism are like two sides of a coin. For example, we can’t judge one person’s lifestyle based on one perspective. We have to examine how collective society as a whole influences that individual’s life. Doing so is like using our "sociological imagination" and seeing how public troubles such as corruption in government contributes to that person’s struggle.

Prior to my decision to become the coordinator for Honors in Action research project, our chapter advisor, Dr. Payal Doctor, told me that one of the things that I have to oversee as the Honors In Action coordinator is the communication among our members and officers. In other words, I am responsible for establishing links between our officers and our members so that we can work collaboratively. At that time, I was scared and hesitant to accept the role of Coordinator because I lacked communication skills. But I am glad that I took this opportunity. Looking back, my communication skills have improved immensely. I am very grateful to our chapter advisors for their support and advice. And most of all, I am very pleased to have such a humble, kind and smart group of officers who work and learn alongside me.

Within a couple of months as Honors In Action coordinator,  my confidence has grown dramatically. Seeing this progress makes me very happy. I feel the joy in learning. It also motivates me to aim higher and challenge myself by accepting all the opportunities that are presented to me. Therefore, I am looking forward to improving my leadership, communication, research and critical thinking skills even more. Whenever I take buses or trains run by The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), I stop and think about their slogan “Improving, non-stop.” I believe that true meaning of our life is to constantly improving ourselves for the betterment of humanity.

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