Friday, October 21, 2016

Stand out & Dare to do more!

by Dipa Rai

Moving from Nepal to the United States was challenging and life changing experience for me. It had just been a year before I started my education at LaGuardia Community College as a freshman. Since I am living in a multicultural society I am getting an opportunity to meet new people almost everyday from all around the globe. This has been helping me to expand  my vision on various things such as their lifestyle, habits, origin, culture, traditions etc.  I am  participating in learning along with exploring  my career opportunities.
When I got an invitation from PTK I was so much excited and proud of myself.  I have never imagined and thought of  running as an officer. But currently I am one of the officer for 2016-2017 academic year. I took a leadership position as a Media Officer. There was a moment when I thought I was not capable of taking the responsibility as a Media Officer for Phi Theta Kappa, Alpha Theta Phi chapter. But I want to sincerely thank our advisor Dr. Payal Doctor for believing in me as well as encouraging me to take this great opportunity.
Being in a leadership position as a media officer is helping me develop my interpersonal  skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, and teamwork. For the first few months, I was not so clear about the duties and responsibilities of a media officer. But later with the help of my team members and advisor,  I began to catch up. Posting and updating on social medias, creating flyers for every general meeting are part of my daily routines now and I am enjoying it. I am loving the part of my duty as a media officer.
Getting involved with honor society as an officer, I have been able to foster new relationships. I got an opportunity meet my fabulous team. Now, as an PTK active member I have access to many scholarship programs, leadership workshops where one of our advisors, Professor Chris Singh, gave us and has been training us.  Meeting with new members, conducting club fairs, general meetings, research for our ongoing projects (Honors In Action, College Project) has been wonderful and knowledgeable experience so far me even though it gets  crazy and stressful sometimes.
   Every moment in your life is opportunity, but its your choice to innovate and let these opportunities influence you. To the people out there who are holding themselves back from challenging themselves, I just want to say take a courage to step out from your comfort zone and look for the potential that you hold inside your soul. Grab the chance that you get and DARE TO DO EVEN MORE!

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